Eight functions of car location tracker

- Nov 14, 2017-

SMS positioning:

Send a text message "G password" to the device card number directly by mobile phone or PHS, the device will automatically determine whether to authorize the user and automatically return the current location information and status to the user's mobile phone by text message.

Timing positioning:

The device can report the current location of the device according to the preset time of the user. Overspeed alarm: When the speed exceeds the preset speed, it will give an alarm sound.

Web search:

By accessing the "Eye of Heaven" system, the current status of the vehicle can be tracked as well as the track playback during a set period of time.

Power monitoring:

Mainly to vehicle power supply, back-up lithium battery power supply supplemented, when the main power supply is short, it will remind the user SMS, and automatically enable the backup power supply.

A key alarm:

In case of an emergency, the emergency alarm button for 3 seconds, the device will automatically send a text message to the authorized default number and make a call for help.

Remote monitoring:

Authorized numbers can call the device number at any time to monitor the sound around the vehicle in real time.

Remote control fortification:

Remote control fortification and release with millions of password levels.

Remote lock car:

Sending a message to the device via mobile phone SMS to set the vehicle off the oil circuit / circuit command can control the vehicle oil circuit and the circuit to achieve the purpose of locking the car.