Does Oxygen Sensor Affect Fuel Consumption

- Apr 09, 2018-

The buddy car just raised 200 kilometers, the engine fault light was on, the computer detected the oxygen sensor lag, after eliminating the fault code, just run 20 kilometers and light, said that the oxygen sensor to be replaced, now run 350 kilometers tank light is on, EC8 tank is said to be 63L, remove 10 oil at the bottom of the box, this time just added 45 oils, an average of 100 kilometers 12.4, so look at the EC8 tank is not too small ah ...

Oxygen sensor will cause loss of fuel consumption. Oxygen sensor is used to detect the oxygen content in the exhaust gas emitted by the engine. If the detected oxygen content is higher than a certain value, it means that the fuel combustion is incomplete, and the intake air volume of the combustion chamber needs to be adjusted to achieve complete combustion. Required air-fuel ratio, so that the fuel is fully burned, with high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Oxygen sensor: Oxygen sensor is a standard on the car. It uses ceramic sensitive components to measure the oxygen potential in the exhaust pipe of the car. The corresponding oxygen concentration is calculated from the principle of chemical equilibrium to achieve monitoring and control of the combustion air-fuel ratio. Product quality and exhaust emissions up to standard measuring elements. Oxygen sensors are widely used in various types of coal combustion, oil combustion, gas combustion furnace atmosphere control, is the best measurement of combustion atmosphere, with a simple structure, rapid response, easy maintenance, easy to use, accurate measurement and so on. The use of this sensor for combustion atmosphere measurement and control not only stabilizes and improves product quality, but also shortens the production cycle and saves energy.