Detection of GPS locator, removal of GPS positioning equipment industry

- Apr 19, 2018-

Detection of GPS locator, removal of GPS positioning equipment industry

The GPS positioning equipment installed in the car is divided into two basic types, magnetic and wire connections, the basic magnetic is a built-in battery and a strong magnet, the advantage is easy to install, by magnet adsorption in the body shell anywhere, the disadvantage is the use of the battery Limited by the limitations, there will always be no electricity.

Another type of wire connection is to directly connect the positioner to the car power supply, and it can be permanently powered. The disadvantage is that the installation is a bit cumbersome, and it is only necessary to understand how many points of the car circuit can be installed.

   In fact, the removal of the locator is not as simple as we thought. In advance we have installed two magnetic and wire type gps locators in the car, try to test the GPS locator industry.

   In the electronic world of Zhongguancun, one day, selling detection and positioning device equipment is basically a few, almost the same shape and mobile phones, as well as handheld and so on, the price is not expensive, are in a few hundred dollars, looking for 78 sold The testing equipment tested the vehicle for us. Unfortunately, the final price increase was not detected.

   The last master told the truth. The GPS positioning detectors currently sold in the market mainly detect magnetic positioners and can only send out signals when they meet magnets. In addition, the thickness beyond a box of cigarettes will fail. Magnets, then there is no solution.

   After the recommendation of the master, the next day we went to a company in Shijingshan Kair Seismic Equipment Co., Ltd. The company's main business is sales of equipment and nationwide door-to-door positioning and testing services. There are hundreds of testing equipment that we did not see in Zhongguancun yesterday. , Explaining the intentions, after many friendly negotiations, the company finally did a free test for us. Without imagination, it was also a cigarette effort. In the end, our two vehicle positioners were respectively separated by the WD-9009 detector. Scan it out, the speed of detection is super fast, and it's incredibly fast. Afterwards, the company introduced us to some other related knowledge about eavesdropping and wireless cameras in detail, which made us open-minded and can make a worthwhile trip!

   In the afternoon, they went to Beijing Tailai and Lixin. These two companies are also relatively well-known testing companies. The same equipment and Wharton's WD-9009 detectors were used, but they were not tested because of the time.