Comparison of common fuel consumption measurement sensors

- Apr 09, 2018-

First, the traditional oil float

Since the invention of the automobile, it has been used so far and its cost is low.

working principle:

Float changes along with sliding resistance of oil level, which indicates the level of oil level.


1. Large power consumption, current output of tens to hundreds of milliamperes, and a maximum function of 5W or more;

2. The linearity and accuracy are poor, and the accuracy is generally less than 10%;

3, the sensitive element is in direct contact with the liquid, is not resistant to corrosion, and cannot measure conductive fuel such as methanol;

4, short life.

Second, magnetic oil floater

The magnetic floater is an upgraded product of the traditional oil floater.

working principle:

Use the magnetic float pair to lift or close the reed switch at different positions inside the sensor, so as to output high and low oil signals.


1, the accuracy is still not high, the minimum resolution of 5mm;

2, reed pipe fragile, afraid of falling, afraid of vibration;

3, high failure rate, easy to float card, resulting in inaccurate instructions;

4, short life, its own structure, principle determines its life is very short.

Three, capacitive oil level sensor

working principle:

The leveling part of the oil level sensor is made of a concentric circular capacitor structure and consists of an outer cylinder and an inner core. As shown in the figure, there is a certain gap between the outer cylinder and the inner core, and the oil in the fuel tank can enter this gap and serve as the dielectric of the capacitor. Since the dielectric constant of oil and air is very different, the capacitance sensed by the sensor when there is oil and no oil is not the same. How much oil enters the gap will also change the capacitance of the probe. This change in capacitance Indirectly reflects the changes in the height of the oil surface. The special circuit and program of this change can be processed to accurately measure the oil level change in the fuel tank.

The fuel consumption sensor of "Huiguan Oil" is a capacitive oil level sensor with better sensitivity and reliability.

It has the following features:

1, work: stainless steel shell;

2, capacitive sensors, data stability;

3, high sensitivity: the highest detection accuracy 1mm;

4, fully enclosed structure, equipment stability;

5, independent algorithm, strong anti-interference;

6, capacitive sensors, no arc hazards.