CA-CLS2 capacity fuel sensor

- Apr 09, 2018-

The fuel detector is based on the principle of RF capacitance measurement. It uses tomography technology to dynamically analyze various parameters of the sensor in the medium and automatically perform accurate compensation. The output signal changes linearly and continuously with the height of the liquid level. The whole machine does not have any elastic parts and movable parts. It is resistant to impact and easy to install. It can be installed on various occasions to accurately measure the oil level of gasoline, diesel oil, hydraulic oil and other various weakly corrosive liquids.

The oil detector is a metrology-grade measuring instrument with high resolution and measurement accuracy. It does not require manual intervention, automatic calibration, there is no temperature drift, without the influence of changes in the media, can accurately output the precise level signal height. Completely solve the problem of difficult to measure the media such as ethanol gasoline and methanol fuel, and also solve the problem of measurement errors caused by the large differences in the labeling and temperature of oil in different regions. At present, this technology is unique in China and is at the leading international level.