Buy GPS positioning system

- Nov 14, 2017-

Immature GPS positioning products often appear weak signal, not positioning, can not alarm, chaos alarm or its attendant features such as car calls easily dropped so that the owner is very annoying state. Buy GPS products to pay attention to the following aspects. The company is located in:

1, the stability of the product. To consider choosing strong anti-electromagnetic interference, stable performance of GPS products. Bump in the vehicle bumpy, high temperature, electromagnetic interference, the car environment is relatively poor condition, will affect the operation of GPS.

2, pick the operator. Consider choosing a network that is both strong and sustainable, to prevent network coverage from being too small or failing to get reliable follow-up services due to company closings.

3, distinguish the module level. GPS module is divided into two levels, civil and industrial level. Industrial-grade module performance is stable, the price is relatively more expensive; civil-level module less adaptable to the environment, but the price is relatively cheaper. Consumers should consider the price. The company is located in:

4, safe energy delivery. GPS energy consumption is larger, should be set GPS-specific power to prevent the normal power supply in the poorer the environment unstable, so that the circuit burned fault occurs. Car wiring power flow, the common cable easily burn, the quality of the cable to be safe and reliable.

5, the beauty of the product. GPS products are generally hidden installation, but high-end products usually comes with car phone (handle), the purchase should also consider whether the stylish handle, the shape is beautiful, and the front bezel and interior colors are coordinated and other factors. The company is located in:

6, cost-effective. At present, good products are expensive, the price of car GPS is generally the initial installation fee plus 50-100 yuan monthly fee. Economical car's main force.