Analysis of GPS Locator and Detecting GPS Location Tracker Industry

- Apr 18, 2018-

Analysis of GPS Locator and Detecting GPS Location Tracker Industry

Since the advent of the GPS locator, it has indeed brought great contributions to society, such as logistics taxis, and government official vehicles have been well-supervised by the community, but on the contrary is also a chance for some people with ulterior motives, the reporter recently visited The Beijing Kelsey Cloud Criminal Investigation Equipment provided an in-depth understanding of the industry.

Reporter: There are many types of GPS locators on the electronics market. What do you think about this problem as a testing industry?

Since the birth of GPS positioning system has made great contributions to the community, the most intuitive, and now the logistics, taxi companies, the control room can know at a glance the specific location of the car, played a very good control of the vehicle. On the contrary, some people with ulterior motives will install locators maliciously, which will cause harm to society. This is the double-sided nature of a new product, and it must be treated differently.

Reporter: What are the main characteristics of your testing industry that are mainly for those groups?

In previous years, we were all clients of Beijing. In the last few years, our business scope has been continuously expanded and we have developed all over the country. The characteristic is that we have been doing inspection business for a long time. We have about 15 years of it. Our initial foundation was to do burglary and anti-spy shooting. Later, with the development of GPS locators, we also logically merged into this rank.

Reporter: Is it possible for customers to purchase testing equipment to detect it?

Come to us to detect a large part of the customer has purchased a lot of equipment, they have also done testing, but after all, professional knowledge is limited, still did not get a good play, and even some basic types of gps locators are not clear, buy again What is the use of more equipment?

Reporter: Are there many types of GPS positioning equipment?

The GPS positioning equipment installed in the car is divided into two basic types, magnetic and wire connections, the basic magnetic is a built-in battery and a strong magnet, the advantage is easy to install, by magnet adsorption in the body shell anywhere, the disadvantage is the use of the battery Limited by the limitations, there will always be no electricity. The other is the line connection, which is directly connected to the power cable in the car.

Reporter: Does testing these two kinds of GPS require different equipment?

Yes, magnetic detectors are used to detect gps locators with magnets. The appearance is similar to that of mobile phones. There are also hand-held ones. The price is not expensive. It is only a few hundred dollars. The function can only detect magnets with locators. However, the detection distance is very limited. In general, the thickness of a box of cigarettes is too large. Failure to detect the locator signal beyond this thickness fails. This is why many people cannot detect it.

There are not many types of line detectors in the market at present, basically nothing except the WD-9009 detector and IHHGTO-206, but the relative price is also very expensive. Guangdong, Fujian, although production is cheap, but the degree of signal loss is difficult to control, in short, in order to detect a car to buy Taiwan equipment is not worth it.

Reporter: What to do if the customer is not detected at last?

There are many such customers, including a customer from Xuzhou the previous year who had an unexpected traffic accident and suspected that the vehicle was installed with a locator. All day long, he was suspicious and shrewd. Driving was also a shame, and his mental state was close to collapse. Before I bought several sets of testing equipment, my friends and classmates also helped me detect it, but I did not check it out. The customer still did not trust and contacted us for the final test. Unfortunately, nothing was detected.

Reporter: Will customers agree that you have not detected such results? How can you convince customers?