Advantages and disadvantages of wireless GPS tracker

- Nov 14, 2017-

Wireless GPS tracker is the entire device without external wiring, which can not get external power supply, the device's use of working period is limited by the built-in power supply. Therefore, the wireless GPS tracker is generally long standby type, you can directly use 2 to 3 years without changing the battery or charging.

In addition, because there is no wiring, wireless GPS tracker installation will not be limited by the vehicle lines, you can use the magnetic, magic attached to any location in the vehicle (pay attention to signal strength), hidden very good, in addition to the owner of others is hard to find Out, good security.


1, compared to the wired GPS tracker, wireless GPS function is relatively simple, not real-time positioning, only regular positioning, unless the car was stolen or other emergency situations can be turned on real-time positioning.

2, wireless GPS positioning time controllable, the device immediately after entering the hibernation signal transmission, flexible adjustment to a large extent to avoid the interference of GPRS signal jammers and signal detectors, to further improve the device tamper resistance.

3, free installation, saving installation costs. GPS cable device installation process is more complicated, it will have a certain installation costs, usually ranging from 50-300, if the loading volume is relatively large, the installation fee is not a small expenditure. The GPS wireless device-owned power supply, eliminating the need for complex installation, it saves a small installation costs.


1, wireless GPS non-real-time positioning, the wireless device displays the location information for the last positioning position information, not the current location information, the device signal is also worse.

2, because there is no connection with the car, can not detect some of the vehicle state changes, timeliness is poor.

Applicable Vehicle Type:

Private cars, car rental, car loan management, tracking and detection, valuable logistics and transport, cargo tracking and other industries