50 free GPS locators are waiting for the small owner

- Apr 18, 2018-

50 free GPS locators are waiting for the small owner

Not long ago, Tencent's public "children's gallery" brushed up the Shenyang people's circle of friends and was hailed by netizens as "the most beautiful." Every purchase of an electronic painting for a child with autism is equivalent to a donation to the “Use Art Light Life” charity program. In these special artists' paintings, people do not see the "obstacles." On the contrary, one by one the vibrant life is frankly displayed, with strong colors and emotions. As a result, the entire circle of friends was "buying, buying and buying."

"Let the stars no longer get lost" public welfare activities start

On the occasion of the coming of International Charity Day on September 4th, in order to give this group more help and care and reduce the chance of autism children losing their way, the Liaoning Province Zhongde Charitable Foundation launched the “Let the Stars Never Lost Again” public interest. Activities, the first free distribution of 50 GPS locators.

There are 1.6 million children with autism in China. They are just like the stars in the sky. They flash in the distant, dark night sky. Although the guardians of children with autism often “tighten a string” and try to keep the child away, in recent years, the accidents of autism children have occurred and brought unimaginable pain to many families.

In May 2016, Xiaoying, a 6-year-old girl with autism in Shenyang, lost her heart and touched the hearts of countless people in Shenyang. Parents, relatives and friends, and good-hearted people were always looking for, but in the end they only waited for a cold message. The little girl unfortunately died from drowning in the lake of Wanliutang Park. This year, this "star child" has just learned to call "mother" after three years of rehabilitation training.

The Liaoning Province Zhongde Charitable Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization approved by the Civil Affairs Department of Liaoning Province. “Children with autism need both family and social protection. Both are indispensable. I hope we can give the children more layers of protective umbrellas to make them happy and grow up.” Hou Lin, chairman of the Zhongde Charitable Foundation, said last year The tragedy that occurred deeply afflicted many people in Shenyang. How can we deal with the specific groups of autistic children and their parents in order to do practical things and do their best? In the end, the foundation planned and launched the “Let the stars no longer get lost” charity event. Through this activity, GPS locators will be provided for children with autism free of charge, so that they can locate and find out when children are lost. At the same time, it also aims to arouse the community's love for autism groups.

Locator positioning accuracy up to 5 meters to 10 meters

Some of the money required for this project comes from the Tencent Philanthropy donation platform, and part of donations come from the Foundation’s governing unit. From the current point of view, preventing children from autism from getting lost and configuring a GPS locator with a positioning system for them is the best way to protect children, and there are no technical problems.

"I once took this kind of GPS locator and tested it with a positioning accuracy of 5 to 10 meters," Hou Lin said.

The reporter saw that the GPS locator only has the size of the eraser. The position of the wearer can be queried at any time through the APP, SMS, WeChat, and PC PC. It is worth mentioning that there is a SOS SOS button on the locator. After a long press, you can call the guardian's phone for help. In addition, the device also has an electronic fence function. If the device exceeds the setting range, an alarm will be triggered and the report will be automatically reported to the guardian. The device also has a trajectory query and navigation tracking function. It can not only inquire the trajectory of the wearer, but also search for the device position. Make a navigation search.

Do you have such "stars" around you? If so, go and tell his (her) father and mother, call 18824089696, apply for a free GPS locator through the Shenyang Evening News, and let the “star” no longer get lost.

International Charity Day

To commemorate the Mother Teresa who died on September 5, 1997, the United Nations designated September 5 each year as an International Charity Day aimed at objectively understanding and mobilizing people, non-governmental organizations, and stakeholders around the world through volunteers. Charity events help others.