Waterproof Mini Tracker

Waterproof Mini Tracker

Ont Waterproof Mini Tracker for motorcycle anti theft with power off alarm and enter the fortified state.

Product Details

Waterproof Mini Tracker

waterproof mini tracker1.jpg


appearance gps tracker.jpg

LED and Antenna Introduction:

gps tracker introduction.jpg

Product Accessories:

  1. Power Cable

  2. GPS Tracker Manual

Power wire introduction:

  1. Red Line is power supply

  2. Black Line is GND

  3. Yellow Line is ignition detection

ACC security settings 

(need to be correctly connected to the ACC line)

1. ACC in the open state, if the automatic security state, ACC can automatically open the anti solution. If the text message or platform security, ACC open can not be automatically.

2. ACC in the closed (the car key switch is in the off state), after the set time, will automatically enter the fortified state.

3. SMS set ACC automatically open ACCLOCK,123456,1 

Reply: set success

4. SMS settings ACC automatic security clearance ACCLOCK,123456,0 (default)

Reply: set success

5. message set automatic security time ACCLT,123456,3 (3 means 3 minutes after the automatic protection)