GPS Tracker Vehicle

GPS Tracker Vehicle

The model CA-V3 GPS Tracker Device is one GPS position accuracy less than 10 meters device.

Product Details

GPS Tracker Vehicle

GPS Tracker Vehicle 1.png

CA-V3 GPS Device PCB:

GPS Tracker PCB

GPS Tracker Specification:

  1. GPS Antenna: Ceramic GPS Antenna

  2. GPS Chip: UBlox Chip

  3. SIM Card: 2G GSM SIM Card

  4. Network: GSM GPRS GPS

  5. Frequency: 850MHz+900MHz+1800MHz+1900MHz

  6. Tracker Device Size: 95mm*45mm*14mm

  7. Tracker support input voltage range: DC9V to DC40V

  8. Protocol: GT06 protocol

  9. GPS Tracker position accuracy: less than 10 meters

Main Functions:

  1. Real time tracking the device position by platform or mobile phone app.

Real time tracking position

On the map you can check ignition status,speed,mile,address and direction and so on.

And you can also find whether it is online or offline by the logo of online. if it is green, stands for device is online, and if it is gray, stands for it is off line.

mobile phone track

about the logo of car on the map, if it is gray, stands for the vehicle is static and acc is off.

Red color stands for acc is on but vehicle not move.

Green color stands for vehicle is moving.

Purple color stands for Tracker device can not receive satellite signal.

2. Play back Routes that the vehicle moved within three months.

Playback routes

3. Device supports SMS Commands to change some settings.

  1. Change IP and Port of your server:

    #6666#IP# is the IP address you want to change. And 9891 is the port of your server for this protocol.

 2. Change the APN name.

     Generally our this devices contains most of APNs, you don't need to change, but if it not contain, you can set it via SMS command.

     #6666#sapn#cmnet#user name#password#

    cmnet is the apn name you want to change,if there is no user name and password,don't need to fill in.

    For example: #6666#sapn#cmnet###

4. Mileage statistics report:

gps mileage report

From this report, you can check the mileage it moves between two different times.

5. Cut off engine.

First you need to install one relay between device and engine line of the vehicle. then you can remote control the relay off to cut off engine line.


Click the lock logo and send the lock command to device and finish this funciton.

Of course, for safety, only when the speed it moves is less than 20km/h, the device will execute this instruction.

Device installation diagram:

track device cable diagram


Question 1: What is the frequency it works?

Answer: the frequency is 850MHz 900MHz  1800MHz and 1900MHz, you can use it in any countries.

Question 2: How about the GPS Accuracy of this device?

Answer: the position accuracy is less 10 meters.

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