GPS Fleet Tracking System

GPS Fleet Tracking System

GPS Tracker Device CA-V3 is one built-in GPS and GSM GPRS Module Location Equipment for vehicle and so on.

Product Details

GPS Fleet Tracking System

GPS fleet tracking system1.png


  1. Device type: Mini GPS Tracker

  2. Use: Automotive

  3. Brand name:CAX

  4. Place of Origin: Shenzhen,China

  5. Color: black

  6. Input Voltage: DC12V 24V

  7. Accuracy: Less than 30 meters

  8. Tracker Size: 95*45*14mm

  9. Weight: 56g

  10. Working Currency: 20mA/12V

Main Features:

  1. High sensitive GPS Chip of Ublox brand.

  2. GSM+GPRS+GPS wireless network.

  3. GSM Quad band for 850MHz 900MHz 1800MHz and 1900MHz

  4. Built-in GPS And GSM Antenna

  5. Real Time Tracking position

  6. Built in battery switch and rechargeable battery

  7. Wide voltage input range is DC9V to 39V

  8. ACC status detection

  9. Power cable is cut off and it will alarm

  10. Car status report with three months

Optional Features:

  1. SOS Button for SOS Alarm function

  2. Microphone is for voice monitoring function

  3. Remote control engine on or off via relay.

LED Indication introduction:

GPS Tracker LED

Red LED:


Blue LED:

gsm led indication

Green LED:


Installation Diagram:

GPS Tracker installation

Main SMS Commands:

  1. Change IP And Port:     #6666#IP#

  2. Set APN: #6666#sapn#your apn name#user name#password#

  3. Cut off engine: #6666#CF#

  4. Start engine: #6666#OF#

  5. Check the status: Status#

GPS Tracker Certificate:

 cav3 certification.jpg


Question 1: Dose it support SOS alarm function?

Answer: Yes, you connect one sos button to this device then it is ok.

Question 2:  Whether it contains built in battery?

Answer: Yes, but it is optional accessory, if you need ,before you order it, please tell sales.

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