SMART Vehicles Tracking System

SMART Vehicles Tracking System

Smart Vehicles Tracking System Device uses 2G GSM Network and UBlox GPS Chip.

Product Details

SMART Vehicles Tracking system

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Smart Vehicles Tracking System Device uses 2G GSM Network and UBlox GPS Chip.

Product introduction and installation diagram:

gps tracker overview

power cable diagram

The standard voltage is DC9.5V to DC 39.9V. Please use the power cable which provided by the manufacturer. The red line is the postive and the black line is the negative. 

The negative should earth alone or link iron during installing. Do not connect it to other ground wire. And please make sure the device is powered on status. (Power switch on down position)

GPS Works Diagram:

GPS Work diagram

How to track:

  1. Visit our platform website

    gps tracker platform

   2. Mobile phone track, you can download it by scaning the QR code from our platform website.

      mobile phone track

The main SMS Commands:

  1. Add administrator Number 1:    #Password#AAD#1#Your phone number#

  2. Add administrator Number 2: #Password#AAD#2#your phone number#

  3. Delete Administrator Number 1: #Password#DAD#1#

  4. Delete Administrator Number 2: #Password#DAD#2#

  5. Getting Location of Longitude and Latitude: #Password#GL#

  6. Setting IP address of your server:  #Password#IP#

Main Functions:

Real time tracking the position of the device: when GPS Tracker works normally,the position data will  be uploaded to server, then user can check it.

Check history routes, the position data will be stored in server for more than three months. so user can check the routes within three months.

Mileage Statistics: our platform can calculate the mile of the device movers. and you can check the mileage report.


Question 1: Dose it have mileage statistics function?

Answer: Yes, our platform can calculate the miles.

Question 2: How many days we can check the history routes?

Answer: Three months.