GPS Tracker For Truck

GPS Tracker For Truck

CA-V2C is one mini GPS Tracker Product,It support DC 9V to 100V power supplier. So you can use it for any vehicle. And it is easy to install,you only need to connect power line ,ACC line. and relay line is optional.

Product Details

Product Details:

Main Features:

1. Real Time Tracking: you can check the real time position any time by your mobile phone.

2. History Track: the position data will be stored in server for three months.

3. Mileage Statistics: when you use GT06 protocol, the platform will calculate the miles it moves.

4. ACC Detection: the green line can detect the status of ignition and display it on the platform.

5. Vibration Alarm: if this function is opened, there will be alarm message and call when it moves.

6. Over Speed Alarm: First you need to set one speed value, when you drive the car exceeds the value, It will sends alarm SMS message to your mobile phone number.

Power Off Alarm: the device contains one built-in battery, when powe cable is cut off by other people, it can work via built-in battery and there will be alarm message to admin's mobile phone. the owner will know this alarm in time.

Simply Commands:

  1. Getting location of longitude and latitude

    Command format: 1234

    Remarks: reply with google links of longitude and latitude

    Authority: Anybody

  2. Engine control

     Command format RELAY,1# OR DY

     Remarks: cut off the engine

     Authority: Only administrator

  3. Restore engine

    Command format: RELAY,0# OR KY

    Remarks: Restore the engine

    Authority: Only administrator

  4. View information

    Command format: CS or STATUS#

    Remarks: Checking IMEI and so on.

    Authority: Anybody

  5. Re-start

    Command format: CQ

    Remarks: Re-start the device

    Authority: Anybody

  6. Set APN

    Command format: #0613#sapn#apn name#user#password###

    For example: #6666#sapn#cmnet##### if user name and password is blank, Or 

    #6666#sapn#cmnet#AA#123456###, # CAN NOT BE MISSED.

Device wire diagram:

Power cable contains 4Lines, Red Line, Black Line, Green Line and Yellow Line

1 Power Supply: Red line connects to 12V and black line connects to GND

2 Ignition detected: Green line connects to ignition line

3 Relay: Yellow line connects to the yellow line of relay.

gps tracker installation.png

LED Instruction:

1. Red LED: Power LED

2. Blue LED: GSM Signal LED

3. Green LED: GPS Signal LED

Product Picture:

1. Tracking Platform

V2C GPS Tracking.png

2. Tracking Truck

GPS Track truck.png

3. GPS Tracker Host

gps tracker for truck 2.png


1. What protocol does this model use?

It uses the same protocol with GT06.

2. What kinds of SIM Card i can use?

It supports 2G GSM network.

3. What about the GPS Accuracy?

Normally it is less than 30meters.

4. Does it support power off alarm function?

Yes, there is one built-in battery in the device, it can work when power cable is cut off.

Model: CA-V2C

Product Color: Black

SIM Card Network: 2G GSM

Channel: 20Channels

GPS Chip: Ublox Chip

GSM Chip: MTK Chip

Battery: 120mAh

Weight: 0.04kg

Device size: 67mm*33.8mm*11.5mm

Input Voltage: DC9V to 100V

GPS Antenna size: 18.6mm*18.6mm*4mm

GPS Antenna: Ceramic antenna

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