Magnetic MINI GPS Tracker

Magnetic MINI GPS Tracker

CA-P3D is one No power cable GPS Tracker with magnet product.

Product Details

Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker

magnetic mini gps tracker2.png

  1. Magnetic GPS Tracker Parameters:

    Network: 2G GSM GPRS

    SIM Card: 2G SIM Card

    GPS Chip: Ublox

    GSM Chip: MTK

    Built in battery: 3000mAh rechargeable battery

    Color: Black

    Weight: 100g

    Size: 64mm*58mm*20mm

  2. GPS Tracker Application:


  3. No Power cable with mini USB Charger

    mini usb interface.jpg

  4. Platform track


  5. FAQ

    Q: What kinds of SIM Card it supports?

    A:  You can use 2G GSM supports GPRS sim card

    Q: How long it will works with built in battery?

    A: It depends on the time interval it uploads data.

    Q: If the battery is used up, can i charge it?

    A: yes, it has one rechargeable battery.