Vehicle Management System

Vehicle Management System

This GPS Device is one vehicle management system and car anti theft.

Product Details

Vehicle Management System

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Feature Introduction:

  1. Vehicle Anti Theft:

    This GPS Device supports real time tracking and history track, power off alarm, Geo fence alarm. So when some one want to steal it, you can track it via your mobile phone or computer. if they want to remove this device, it also have power off alarm.

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  2. Vehicle Management system:

    If you install our this GPS Device into your company's cars, then your boss can know where are your cars anytime and it is more convenient to manage cars.

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   3. Track your goods.

      If your goods is shipping via one truck, you can install it to this truck, and know the position of your goods.

     goods track.jpg

Method Installation:

Preparation before installation

Open the packing box to check whether the type of device is correct and whether the accessories are included, or else please contact your distributor.

Choose SIM card: each device needs to insert a GSM SIM card.

Please refer to the distributor’s suggestions to choose the SIM card.

Installing SIM card. (please refer below picture)


Please use GSM network SIM card;

Power off before installing or removing the SIM card.

The SIM card used should be enabled for GPRS.

Ensure the SIM card can send and receive SMS.

gps tracker installation.jpg


  1. Work Frequency: 2G GSM 850MHz 900MHz 1800MHz and 1900MHz

  2. Work Input Voltage: DC12V Or DC24V

  3. Accuracy: Less than 30 meters

  4. Position: GPS And LBS

  5. Network: 2G GPRS

  6. Working Currency: less than 20mA

  7. Built in battery: 180mAh rechargeable battery

  8. Unit Size: 67*34*12mm

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