Truck GPS Tracker

Truck GPS Tracker

Truck GPS Tracker Product support wide input voltage. it can be use for truck,car,taxi,motorcycle and so on.

Product Details

Truck GPS Tracker

  1. GPS Tracker Applications:(wide input voltage: DC9V to 80V)

    A. Truck (DC24V)

    B. Car (DC12V)

    C. Taxi (DC12V)

    D. Motorcycle (DC12V)

    truck gps application.png

    2. Main functions:

        a. History track

         history track truck v2c.png

         b. real time tracking

              GPS Tracker platform displays real position,speed,status,mileage and so on.


         c. mobile phone track

            It support android app and IOS app.


         3. Product picture:

         Truck gps tracker v2c2.png

        4. GPS Tracker factory

        truck gps tracker factory.png

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