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Technical Parameter: Instructions: Step 3: satellite auto tracking APP binding and function setting: 1. Scan the manual cover QR code or search Reachfar in APP store &Google play store to install the APP. 2. Enter the 10 figures ID number on the tags behind the device. The default password...

Product Details

 Technical Parameter:

Operating Humidity


Functions :reset

Remote restart GPS host

Functions : ans

Set the remove sensor ,0 is off;1 is turn it

Functions :number

Set the SOS phone number

Functions :GPRS

Set tracking function. 0 is turn off tracking


lights off when fully charged

Device Status

Light status


Light on when charging;

Normal work

Light off

GSM fault

Light flashing, restart every ten minutes

Emergency help

Light on after pressing red button for 3 seconds 

No power

Light off and no sound when press the power button



Step 3: satellite auto tracking APP binding and function setting:

1. Scan the manual cover QR code or search Reachfar in APP store &Google play store to install the APP.

2. Enter the 10 figures ID number on the tags behind the device. The default password is 123456, click log in, and enter into App, as shown below:

2) View administrator number

Text command






Command Description

This directive is used to view Device Manager number.

Command Feedback

Successful Setting:Admin1: Admin2:


3)Authorized number set

Text command



Authorized Add 

101# number #

102# number #

103# number #






Authorized Del







Command Description

1) Authorization number for SMS control oil.

2) only three numbers to set the authorization number

3) change the authorization number needs to delete the previous number

Command Feedback

Successful Setting:Add Authorization account 1 OK!

satellite auto tracking1614.png 

satellite auto tracking Real-time tracking: Show the last position and trace.

Historical route: Display the historical.

Geo-fence: Set and display Geo-fence area, when the device gets into/out the Geo-fence then it will send an alert.

Wi-Fi fence: Set 2 Wi-Fi safe zones, when wearer leave safe Wi-Fi zones, the App will alert you.

Command setting

Device info: Check and mark the device information.

Change password: Change the App and web login password.

Interval for uploading GPS location: Adjust the time interval of GPS uploading location. Shorter time interval with shorter standby time, more accuracy location. 

Master number: The master phone number, used to send command and receive alarm.

SOS number: When press the S button, the device will call the SOS numbers in 2 turn unit you answer.

The phone book: Only the phone numbers of phone book can call the phone number of the device for monitoring.

Anti-remove alarm:

It will send alarm message to the master number when the device was removed

satellite auto tracking LED light:Open/close the bottom LED light, easy to find the cow/sheep

satellite auto tracking2714.png 


Answer mode:

a) Silent monitoring mode: All have set 5 phone numbers dialing the device; you can remote listen to the voices around the device at the condition of no bell ring, but can’t speak to the device the user.

b) Auto answer mode:

All setting phone numbers dialing the device,

after a bell ring, you can remote listen to the voice

around the device and speak to the user

c) Push to talk mode:

Any number dialing the device number, only after the user press the button, you can speak to the device user

Soft time zones:This is for APP time; users can set it according to local time zone.

Device language time zone: This is for device alarm SMS language, Chinese and English can be chosen. Time zone can set.

Remote reboot: Through App to power off device.

Remote power-off:Through App to power off device. It can’t remote restart when power off. 

Device message:List shows alert information of device.

Alarm setting:Get the remind via APP when alarm;

Log out: Log out the APP, and never get the alarm remind via APP.

Real-time call

Press S button for 5seconds, then make SOS alarm, it will send SMS to master number, and then make call to SOS number 2 times in turn.

Answer incoming call:

Press S button will answer the incoming call, press power key will refuse the incoming call.

satellite auto tracking4007.png 

All functions also can set by SMS command.

All command use in lowercase letters, without any blank space and ending by #.

Command for setting master number:


For example: pw,123456,center,180********#

The tracker will reply: 180******** has been set for the master number successfully.

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