Real Time GPS Tracker

Parameter: Device Name: CA-MT06 Product Type: Magnet GPS Tracker Weight: 205g Working temperature: -35degrees to 80degrees Accuracy: less than 5 meters Sensitivity: -161dBm Frequency band: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz Magnet: 4pcs magnet Battery: 6600mAh Standby time: >3 years Position:...

Product Details


Terminal name: CA-MT06

Product Type: Magnet GPS Tracker

Terminal size: 80mm*51mm*26mm

Weight: 205g

Working temperature: -35degrees to 80degrees

Humidity: 5% to 95%

Accuracy: less than 5 meters

Frequency band: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz

Color: Black

Power consumption: <30uA

Voltage: 3.6V

Certificate: CE FCC

Alert: Low battery alarm

Network: 2G GSM

Product introduction:

MT06 Magnet GPS Tracker

1. The product does not have any connecting line and is convenient to mount.

2. The product can work for a long time, under the setup that one piece of data is transmitted every 24 hours, the service life can be longer than 1000 days theoretically, and the battery does not need to be replaced frequently.

3. The product is smallest in size when being compared with product of same properties and specifications, thus being convenient to hid and mount.

4. A strong-magnetic version (MT06C) is built into the product, and thus a detaching alarm function is achieved.

Main function:


The terminal has an AGPS function, after the terminal is connected with the GPRS, the AGPS function is available, the positioning speed of the GPS module is accelerated, and the positioning accuracy is improved.

2. Battery low voltage alarm

The terminal can detect the voltage of the built-in battery at real time and can upload the voltage to a sensor at real time; when the voltage of the battery is lower than 3V, the terminal can make a battery low voltage alarm. At the moment, the uptime of the battery is already short, and the built-in battery needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

3. Detaching alarm function

A detaching alarm button is arranged at the bottom of MT06C, and when the equipment is detached, the detaching alarm button can be immediately activated to enter into the working state to report the present position information.

Product Picture:

SMS Setting: 

1. IP port setup

E.g., if the server IP of a user is: and the port number is: 8881, write: *88*1119145040064*8881# through mobile phone, the terminal replies: success, then the setup is accomplished.

2. Tracking mode

Instruction format: ZZ,<A>[,T1,T2]#

Instruction: specifications:  tracking mode

A: if A=1, entering into the tracking mode; if A=0, quitting from the tracking mode;

T1: the time interval entering into the tracking mode, unit: second;

T2: the lasting time after entering the tracking mode, unit: minute;

ZZ,1,10,60#    entering into the tracking mode, the feedback time interval is10 seconds, and hibernate after 60 minutes;

ZZ,0#     quitting from the tracking mode;



Question 1: What brand is your device?

           Our product brand is CAX

Question 2: What is the GPS tracking sensitivity?

           The sensitivity is -161dBm

Question 3: What is the accuracy?

           The GPS Accuracy is less than 5 meters.

Question 4: How about the standby battery consumption?

           It is only about 3uA.