Phone GPS Tracker

Technical Parameter: I nstructions: phone gps tracker Protocol explain: (013632782450BP05000013632782450101130A2234.0270N11405.9126E000.00623168.5400000005AEL0000067ET0CD) "(" stand for packet start "013632782450" stand for tracker ID "BP05" stand for command...

Product Details

Technical Parameter:

Product N.W.




GPS Module


GPS Accuracy

5 meters

Position Checking

Mobile phone or Platform

Standby Current


Working Temperature

-20°C to +70°C

Functions :reset

Remote restart GPS host

Functions :number

Set the SOS phone number


lights off when fully charged


Light on when charging;

GSM fault

Light flashing, restart every ten minutes


phone gps tracker Protocol explain:


"("                 stand for packet start

"013632782450"      stand for tracker ID

"BP05"             stand for command

"000013632782450"   also is tracker ID,you can use front

"101130"            stand for data, 10 year 11 month  30 day

"A"                stand for gps data valid,  "V" stand for gps data no valid

"2234.0270"         stand for latitude, format is ddmm.mmmm

"N"                stand for north, "S" stand for south

"11405.9126"        stand for longitude, format is dddmm.mmmm

"E"                stand for east,  "W" stand for west

"000.0"             stand for  speed, unit is  km/h

"062316"           stand for time,  06 hour 23 minutes 16 seconds, UTC time

"8.5400"            stand for direction

"000005AE"       stand for I/O state,first bit stand for main power, “0” stand for external power supply. “1” stand for battery supply. Second bit stand for ACC state, “0” stand for ACC off, “1” stand for ACC on. 

Third, fourth, fifth reserved. The three bits of sixth, seventh, eighth stand for voltage value. The unit is 10mV,  Hex format. Value from 0 to 960, voltage from 0V to 24V. Such as 5AE is 5*16*16 + A*16 + E =1454 (10mV) = 14.54V

This is the fuel sensor data

"L"                stand for mileage flag

"000067E"    stand for mileage value, hex format, 67E = 6*16*16+7*16+E=1662 meters.

"T"                stand for temperature flag.

"0CD"           stand for temperature value. Unit is 0.1 ℃, “0CD”= 0 * 16*16 +C*16+D=205,so is 20.5℃. When temperature is negative, the highest bit is 1, so “801” = -0.1℃,“802”= -0.2℃,and so on.

")"                stand for packet end


 phone gps tracker2238.png


9) Cancel the continuous upload

Text command








This command is used to cancel sending data to the platform

If need again to restore the upload , you need to send TIMEER Parameter setting  or STATIC

Command Feedback




Text command





222#   cut off oil and power



333#  recover oil and power


Command Description

1)RELAY control the start and closeness of the relay

2) Only the center number can operate.

3)the device only cut off the oil circuit on the condition of the driving speed below 20KM/H or in static state.

4)When send the command, the device will reply “please waiting “When the vehicle speed is over 20KM/H, the device will cut off the oil or the power when the speed below 20KM/H.

Command Feedback

Successful Setting:Fuel cut has already been completed OK!


phone gps tracker3145.png 

phone gps tracker3147.png 

phone gps tracker FAQ:

Q1: After inserting a SIM card, it can get SMS command, but it display logoff or offline on the platform and APP.

A: Please check that SIM Card has GPRS data plan.

Q2: After set white list, cannot monitor.

A: Please make sure the SIM card of the device has opened caller ID.

Q3: Device show online, but it shows “wait for the device responses “when you set instruction with APP.

A: a. Device signal is not good, so not smooth result of GPRS; b. Device is busy.

Q4: The SIM card has GPRS data plan, but the

device still show “logoff“ or “offline”.

A: The tracker have pre-program all most APN, maybe the APN of the SIM card you use don’t preset in the tracker, Please set master number first and then send command to add you APN into the tracker.

The command is: apn,apndata#

Q5: phone gps tracker Device is not enabled

A: Please check:

1. ID number have not been added to the platform, contact supplier for support.

2. SIM card is not installed correctly