Industrail Grade GPS Tracker

Parameters: Instruction: 1 industrail grade GPS tracker Control Circuit Send SMS “ stopelec+password ” to control circuit. For example send SMS: “ stopelec123456”. "stopoil" as instructions, "123456" as the password. To supply the circuit again, send SMS “ supply elec...

Product Details








GPS chip

SiRF4  chip

GPS sensitivity


Time To First Fix

0.1s - 45s 

GPS connector




Warm status


Work Voltage

DC  9V-36V

Standby work current

< 30mA

Operation Temp.

-20°C to +70°C





Temperature sensor



Support wireless relay (cut off engine remotely);

2G GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz;

3G UMTS/HSPA 2100/1900/850/900MHz;

Plug and play, small size, no installation cost;

Collect fuel consumption, fuel level data;

Very accurate mileage data (accuracy>99%);

Collect DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) for remote diagnostic;

Collect VIN, engine temperature;

Internal GSM and GPS antennas;

TCP and UDP;

Update firmware over the air;

Illegal start-up, impact and rollover alarm;

Detect harsh acceleration, braking, turn and high revolution;

Driving behavior recording and analysis;

Store break points data in non-volatile memory;

Track on Google map and other maps;

Android, iOS APP & telematics software free for ever;

Auto sleep mode to save automotive power;

Wide working temperature range: -30 to +80℃.

industrail grade GPS tracker1194.png


1 industrail grade GPS tracker Control Circuit
  Send SMS “stopelec+password  to control circuit.

For example send SMS: stopelec123456”.
"stopoil" as instructions, "123456" as the password.
To supply the circuit again, send SMS supplyelec+password to the device.
For example, send SMS  “Supplyelec123456” to the tracker. "Supplyelec" as instruction, "123456" as password.

2. industrail grade GPS tracker Monitor mode

  There are three mode for monitor.

1) All Monitor Mode: Send SMS “AllMonitor” to the device, the device will return to this mode. In this mode, any number can monitor this device.

2) Restrict Monitor Mode: Send SMS “RestrictMonitor” to the device, the device will return to this mode. In this mode, authorized number can monitor this device.

3) Close Monitor Mode: Send SMS “CloseMonitor” to the device, the device will return to this mode. In this mode, all number cann’t monitor this device.

3. industrail grade GPS tracker Movement alert
Set up: The user can send SMS “Move + password to the device, then the device will reply move ok!” .In case of such a movement, it will send SMS “Move” along with a Geo-info to the number.

For example, send SMS “Move123456” to the device. "Move" as instructions, “123456”as password.  
Cancel: Send SMS “nomove+password” to deactivate the movement alert.

industrail grade GPS tracker2527.png 

4. Overspeed alert
  Set up: Send SMS “speed+password+space+080” to the device (support the speed is 80km/h).

For example, send SMS “speed123456 080”. "speed" as instructions, "80" as limit speed, “123456”as password.

Cancel: Send SMS “nospeed+password” to deactivate the overspeed alert.

5. Cell phone positoning
 Send SMS “position to the device, then the device will send SMS with real-time longitude and latitude to the cell phone.

industrail grade GPS tracker2964.png 



The mini GPS navigation would provide direction and distance to the destination,

You could set the destination point,record the distance you have travelled,

It will provide current position and speed,show accurate time synchronized by satellite....

You will never get lost with the little device.   

It's an amazing guider and helper for wild explorers.

* Mini shape, just like a watch

* Compact, easy to carry

* Provide the direction and distance to the destination

* Destination point can be set, maximum 16 points

* Record the distance you travelled, and the time you spent

* Provide current position: longitude, latitude, and altitude information

* Speed measurement

* Display accurate time synchronized by satellite

* Built-in lithium-ion battery

* With an extremely long waiting time

* With back-lit display

* Multifuncion with simple operation

* Ideal for Drift/Camping/Hiking/Climbing...