GPS Tracker with Fuel Sensor

Parameters: Instruction: 1 . GPS tracker with fuel sensor Make sure to read this manual carefully before using this product. 2 . Please insert the SIM card before installing, and make sure the SIM card has no password, otherwise the tracker will not work normally. 3 . Please make sure that all...

Product Details





87 * 57 * 25 (mm)









GPS chip

SiRF4  chip

GPS chip

Ublox chip

GPS sensitivity


GPS accuracy

5 m

Time To First Fix

0.1s - 45s 



GPS connector


GSM connector



1. GPS tracker with fuel sensor Make sure to read this manual carefully before using this product.

2. Please insert the SIM card before installing, and make sure the SIM card has no password, otherwise the tracker will not work normally.

3. Please make sure that all the cables of the tracker has been connected rightly, and then connect the tracker to host power. Must not install or take down the tracker when it is power on. If you found any troubles or omissions about the connections of cables, please cut off power first, otherwise you will easily damage the tracker.

4. The tracker works in wireless communications, so please cut off the host power before your vehicles entering fuel depot and dangerous material place.

5. The tracker’s work voltage is 10V-36V. Please use the tracker in the scope of work voltage.

6. The host of GPS tracker is a low-power wireless transmitter and receiver. It receives and sends radio frequency signal when it is working.

7. To avoid electromagnetic interference or uncompatible configuration, please stop using your tracker in the noticed place. 

8. Open door alarm function : setopendooralarm   cancelopendooralarm

9. Init to default setting: init123456

10. Get the location Google link by message : google123456

GPS tracker with fuel sensor1602.png 

2.GPS tracker with fuel sensor  Start up

The indicator in the device can turn into red and blue color. Insert the SIM card and install the tracker in the car, the red indicator is on. In 10 seconds, the device will begin to work and search the GSM/CDMA signals as well as the GPS signals. When the device is communicating, the red indicator blinks very fast. The blue indicator will keep flashing every 2 seconds when the GPS module is in standby mode. When the blue indicator is not lighting, the GPS module is working but hasn’t fixed position, after it has fixed position, the blue indicator is lighting.

GPS tracker with fuel sensor2213.png 

3.Power wire, Acc Detection wire, Enigine power or oil Control relay wire (7pin)

The terminal standard power voltage is 9V-24VDC, please use The original power wire supplied By The original factory, red wire is power source positive end, black wire is The negative end; The black wire be connected With spate ground wire, DO NOT CONNECT With OTHER GROUND WIRES 

Yellow AAC Detection wire,The Acc wire shall connected With The Acc switch, The terminal will decide Vehicle status By Acc status, Enigine on or Enigine off, also determines The terminal data upload Time interval, Enigine on status: 15seconds, Enigine off status: 5 minutes

Enigine Control relay wiring

Oil pump relay connections: Ignition coil With Small white wire (85) And Small yellow wire (86), Small white wire (85) connects With The Vehicle power source negative end, Small yellow wire (86) connect With The terminal relay Control wire

The controlled Vehicle oil pump, Cut The oil pump positive wire, The oil pump positive end shall connect With The thick green wire (87a) which is The normally closed end, The another end connect With The relay public end The thick green wire (30)

SOS wire (2 pin)

GPS tracker with fuel sensor3385.png 

GPS tracker with fuel sensor Connect With The external SOS switch Button, used In emergency case For help

Loudspeaker wire (2 pin)

Connect With The external Vehicle speaker, With a microphone, it can make 2 ways Phone calls, or send Voice Alarms when theft behavior was detected

MIC wire (2 pin)

Connect With external microphone, used In Voice Monitoring case or Phone calls;

After finished all wires connection, please connect With The power supply; 

Hidden installation, please choose original main power wire, a fuse block (2A protective tube) on The red wire end will protect The terminal from short circuit; 

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