GPS Receiver Tracking

Technical Parameter: 1. gps receiver tracking Product b ri ef: Based on GSM/GPRS network and GPS, This product is a highly modular design product. It executes remote positioning and monitoring for the target by SMS or Internet platform, and send the vehicle condition information to the vehicle...

Product Details

Technical Parameter:

Functions :number

Set the SOS phone number


lights off when fully charged


Light on when charging;

GSM fault

Light flashing, restart every ten minutes

No power

Light off and no sound when press the power button

Track by time interval

Remote engine cut off to stop vehicle (Optional)

angle interval

Fuel consumption monitoring (Optional)

Geo-fence setting

Speeding alarm / over speed report

Google Map link

Monitor from online free tracking platfor



GPS Chipset:


Sim Card Slot:

Micro SIM card

Location Mode:


1.gps receiver tracking Product brief:

Based on GSM/GPRS network and GPS, This product is a highly modular design product. It executes remote positioning and monitoring for the target  by SMS or Internet platform, and send the vehicle condition information to the  vehicle owner by SMS and platform. It also has the intelligent ACC detection, mileage statistics and other functions. The product has very small size, it has the advantages of simple installation, wide application, stable performance, water-proof, dust-proof and high hidden feature.


Text command





222#   cut off oil and power



333#  recover oil and power


Command Description

1)RELAY control the start and closeness of the relay

2) Only the center number can operate.

3)the device only cut off the oil circuit on the condition of the driving speed below 20KM/H or in static state.

4)When send the command, the device will reply “please waiting “When the vehicle speed is over 20KM/H, the device will cut off the oil or the power when the speed below 20KM/H.


Command Feedback


Successful Setting:Fuel cut has already been completed OK!


Text command




801#location, time#


Command Description

The default time zone is Beijing time. If time zone need revised, please operate according to the above command.

Command Feedback

Successful Setting:Set time zone ok!

gps receiver tracking2058.png 

2. gps receiver tracking Product Function:

Positioning and tracking: to execute the positioning and tracing by the platform or the mobile phone, to get the terminal device operating state. The platform will be determined according to customer requirements;

Movement alarm: You can start the movement alarm function by sending SMS (from mobile phone) to the terminal device . When the vehicle moves, a alarm SMS will be sent to the administrator; 

Over-speed alarm: You can start the alarm function by sending SMS (from mobile phone) to the terminal device. When the vehicle speed is over the setting speed,the device will send a alarm SMS to the administrator;

gps receiver tracking2722.png 

Geo-fence: gps receiver tracking You can start the Geo-fence function by sending the SMS (from mobile phone) to the terminal device. If the vehicle drives out of the setting geographical scope , a alarm SMS will be sent to the administrator;  

Obtain longitude and latitude by mobile phone: you can obtain this position data of the vehicle installed this terminal device by the mobile phone;

Remote restart system: can restart the terminal device by sending SMS(by mobile phone) to the device;

Set the positioning interval: can set the data transmission interval (from terminal device to the platform) by the mobile phone. You can also set the transmission interval by the platform, depending on whether the platform supports this function.

Mileage statistics function;

ACC detection function;

Can modify the IP and port;

Can identify vehicle ignition state intelligently according to the vehicle battery voltage;

Supports customization.

gps receiver tracking3664.png 

Q6: Device is offline on APP

A: Please check if:

1. apn is not setup or SIM card no signal

2. GPRS is canceled or not enabled

3. The SIM card is in debts

Q7: Position is not accurate

A: The device support two modes of positioning,

GPS is mainly for outdoor positioning, the accuracy is around 10 meters, LBS is mainly for indoor positioning, the accuracy is around 100-1000 meters.

Q8:What's the MOQ and lead time?
 For our existing mold items, normally we don't have strict MOQ, samples or trial order is available.
Our sample lead time 2-3days, our production lead time is 10-15days, which also based on the order quantity.
Q9:Can I brand the items with our own logo/Brand?
 Yes, we do provide OEM & ODM service.
Q10:What's the payment terms you accept?
 Our payment term: T/T(30% down payment, 70% balance before shipment), 
for small batch orders, normally we accept Paypal payment, for bulk order we have HK HSBC account or Western Union account.If any question or new enquiry, please kindly feel free to contact me.

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