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Technical Parameter: Instructions: GPS and track Warnings 1. Please check device model and accessories after received the package, if product is found cracked, deformed, or has other anomalies, please stop using it immediately and contact the seller or manufacturer. 2. Please Insert 2G SIM card...

Product Details

Technical Parameter:

Online Reports

Engine ON/OFF alarm

Geo-fence setting

Speeding alarm / over speed report

Sleep mode

Check real address name

Google Map link

Monitor from online free tracking platfor





GSM Chipset:


GPS Chipset:


System Memory:

RAM 32MB + Memory 32MB

Sim Card Slot:

Micro SIM card

Frequency Bands:

GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz    

Location Mode:


LBS Location Precision:



GPS and track Warnings

1.  Please check device model and accessories after received the package, if product is found cracked, deformed, or has other anomalies, please stop using it immediately and contact the seller or manufacturer. 

2. Please Insert 2G SIM card into device, the device only supports Micro SIM card, which also need GSM band and GPRS enabled.

3. The device will power on and rings after pressing the power button for 3 seconds. Lights on  when Press SOS button under normal working status. Lights off after two drops when battery is in low power. Please reuse after charging.

4. The device could not be turned off after power on and set the center number. If you need to turn it off, please send shutdown command via SMS command or APP.

5. Please change the SIM card only when the device is power off, otherwise SIM card may be burned.

6. Check GSM signal after turned on, please refer to indicator lights status for details.

7. Don’t disassemble or modify the product, to avoid damage to the product.

8. If the product is damaged as a result of breach of the warnings above, we will not bear any legal responsibility.

6) Set / view  SERVER

Text command



SERVER Parameter

803#SERVER # port#


view  SERVER



Command Description

Change the IP and port when move to a new server


1 is domain and 0 is IP;

Command Feedback

Successful Setting:set IP OK!



Text command



TIMEER Parameter setting

730#uploading interval#  


Command Description

Time scope:0,10~60 seconds;   0,no data uploading;

10~60,means time interval;the default value is 15 seconds!

Command Feedback

Successful Setting:SET TIMER OK!


GPS and track  Device status indicators

Connect DC 9-24V power supply and the red LED will light continuously.

The green LED glistens when searching the GPS signals. When GPS works, the LED lights continuously.

The intermediate blue LED (GSM signal state)

GSM signal is normal, blue LED light long bright. No GSM signal, the blue LED flashes.

GPS LED not fixed, flashes(0.2 sec/2 sec),Positioning long bright;

GSM LED no signal, flashes(0.2 sec/2 sec),Signal normal long bright;

Power LED: long bright;


All LEDS will turn off after 5 minutes. When there is a new call, the LEDs will relight and turn off 5 minutes later.

gps and track2825.png 

GPS and track  Installation

Preparation for the installation

Product Check. Open the packing box and check the device‘s model and accessories. If the model is wrong or the accessories not complete, please contact the dealer.

Choose SIM card. Please insert a SIM card to the device. Please take dealer’s advice as reference.

SIM card installation. Discharge the cover of the device and uncover the SIM card holder. Then insert the SIM card and cover SIM card holder (as follows).

Put back the front cover and screw it up.

Connect the device to the 9-24Vpower supply.(the red LED constant glow)

Install the device in the hidden place of the car;


The SIM card must be with GPRS function and enough deposit. If your SIM card need input PIN when power on, please cancel it.

gps and track3645.png 


The GPS tracker must be installed under professional personnel.


1) Please install the device in the hidden place as followings:

Under Front windshield;

In the front instrument panel;

Under back windshield;

2) Avoid being placed with signal radiators like reverse sensor ;

3) The device has GSM antenna and GPS antenna inside. Please ensure the receiving side of the device is face up and without metal cover.

gps and track4079.png 

Note:The metal cover will lessen the receiving of GPS signals.6. The device connecting requirements.

Device wiring requirements

The device power supply is DC 9-24V. The red line is positive pole while the black line is negative pole.

The negative pole of power supply connects with ground or the metals. Please do not connect with other ground lines.

When finishing the power supply wire connection, please make the plug of power supply to the device.

    gps and track4573.png

The Device Working

Power on: the device will be power on when connecting to the current. Then the three LED indicators will light continuously. The device will upload the data to the online platform (the default interval of uploading data is 10seconds). When the car is in static state for a long time, the device will be in energy saving mode and it will be more smart and precise.

Power off:Pull off the power plug then power off the device.


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