Bus GPS LIVE Tracker

Bus GPS LIVE Tracker

Bus GPS LIVE Tracker is one device for bus fleet management product.

Product Details

Bus GPS LIVE Tracker

Bus GPS LIVE Tracker 1

Bus GPS LIVE Tracker is one device for bus fleet management product.


GPS Specification

GPS LED Indication:


Remarks: For more security reason after installation, when SIM Card has been already inserted, the device will be auto shut off all three indicating lighs in about one minute. Please switch on the white rubber button on the right side to power on the three indicating lights. More specified  details as below, switch off again the same button, all lights will be turned off. and the lights will keep repeating on and off by switching the same button on and off again.

GPS LED Introduction:

Blue LED light is GSM status indicator

Quick flashing stands for working normally, uploading GPRS data to platform server.

Slow flashing stands for working normally and receive GSM signal normally

Continuously in bright status stands for no GSM signal.

Green LED light is GPS Status indicator

Flashing stands for working normally and GPS Signal is normal.

Continuously in bright status stands for it is searching GPS Signal.

Feature introduction:

GPS Positioning: via GPS positioning, user can track the vehicle location,speed and routes through phone or computer.

Playback history routes: user can check the vehicle's routes and speed in recent three months.

Setting function via SMS: setting function of device via SMS and check location via SMS.

ACC ignition detection: get vehicle status via ACC ignition detection

Vibration alarm: after setting, device will send mesage and call user if theft shock the car or drive the car away.

Cut off engine: User can cut engine via platform or sending message to device, vehicle will be shut down and theft can not drive car away. (For safety considering, it will not cut engine while speed is above 20km/h)

The place you can install

GPS install to truck

gps install to car

Installation Diagram:

installation diagram

Platform website

platform website

SMS Get position and control engine





Question: Does your device is 2G or 3G network?

Answer: our device is 2G GSM module and network.

Question:  Can i control the engine on or off?

Answer: yes, and you have to connect it to one relay then you can control it.

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