Anti Theft GPS Device

Anti Theft GPS Device

CA-V2A is one anti theft GPS Device for motorcycle,vehicle,taxi,bus and so on.

Product Details

Anti theft GPS Device

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GPS Device Instructions:

  1. This device is one 2G GSM Device,so you need to insert one SIM Card supports 2G GSM and GPRS network. then it can work normally and upload postioning data to server.

  2. when the blue LED flashes stands for the GSM signal is normal, then you can set SMS mesage and upload position data.

  3. When the green LED flashes stands for device can receive satellite signal.

  4. The input voltage is DC 9V to 40V, so you can install it to motorcycle,taxi,truck,bus and so on.

  5. the yellow line can control the relau on or off. so you can control the engine on or off via one relay.

    GPS Tracker wire diagram.jpg

Relay picture:


SMS Commands list:

  1. Change IP and Port:  #6666#IP#    ,stands for the ip is and port is 9891

  2. Set apn command:   #6666#sapn#cmnet####   stands for the new apn is cmnet

  3. Check the parameters of the device:   status#

  4. control the engine on or off commands:   

    RELAY,1# stands  for cut off engine.

    RELAY,0# stands for restore engine


Q1: Can i buy one sample to test first?

A1: Of course, but the price is different and shipping charge is the same with four devices.

Q2: Is there one built in battery in this device?

A1: If you need built in battery, please inform us before you order them. because the price is different.

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